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University Of California, Santa Barbara - Financial Mathematics

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Rutgers University - Economics

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City College Of New York - Mathematics Education

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Middlebury College - Mathematics

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We covered accuracy of averages, accuracy of percentages, confidence intervals, distinguishing between good and bad samples, differentiating between types of standard error, and Bootstrap method and square root method. Continued to draw connections between the homework questions and the examples in the text. The student was not able to complete the homework, but we discussed how to complete it.

Today we covered averages of samples and standard error. Most of the time was spent going over practice problems of these subjects and starting work on his homework assignment. We also spent a little time discussing different sampling methods and how they affect the reliability of data.

We worked from Chapters 18 and 20 today, with focus on use of the normal approximation for probability estimation. Tomorrow, we will discuss any questions about the material in Chapters 16, 17, 18 and 20, then move on to study Chapters 21 and 23.

The student brought his workbooks again to our session and we continued working through practice problems. Most of the problems we worked through were statistics while there were a few finance problems as well.

We worked on more Unit Review assignment problems. Today's topics included Chi Squared distributions, testing for independence of factors, and analysis of ANOVA tables. The student is now confident calculating Chi Squared values, and seems to better understand how to analyze data using the ANOVA table. Hopefully it will show when he takes his exam on Friday.

(Conditional) Probabilities using quiz problems. Key takeaway: The "flipping" technique (1 - P(the "flip side" of what we're looking for)).

Probability trees using book problems. Key takeaways: a) The probabilities of the subdivisions of each branch should total 1. b) Follow the branches like a map to help guide you to the right probabilities to use.

The student seemed to catch on well tonight. He's very bright, was receptive to suggestions, and has a good, clear-eyed attitude toward his work in stats.

The student and I reviewed problems in the book and I requested that student take out the statistic carton book again. We discussed test-taking tricks and good study skills. By end of the session, the student was more confident and understood the concepts.

We reviewed one-tailed and two-tailed hypothesis testing, p-levels and alpha-levels, confidence intervals, null and alternate hypotheses, and the difference between a z-test and a t-test. We also discussed student's statistics assignment and he identified what steps he would need to complete it. I worked with the student to install some software. I was able to take him through of the menus.

The student and I went over linear and nonlinear regression, and the different ways to linearize nonlinear data, what the different statistics represent, and how to interpret the statistics as they apply to the data.

This was the student's first tutoring session and it seemed to go very well. She is relatively comfortable with the statistics material we reviewed, and she didn't have a lot of material she wanted to go over. She informed me they recently took an exam and had to do a project and she did well on both of them.

We reviewed the difference between populations and samples. We went over several homework problems in detail including what the standard error is and how to calculate it from a proportion. We considered some of the qualities that would make a sample an appropriate proxy for a population. Finally we practiced inputting information into the graphing calculator to run statistical tests.

The student has a statistics test tomorrow so we reviewed chapter 6. She still isn't familiar with the formulas but she gets a formula sheet for her test so we mostly focused on how to use which formula and what kind of questions require what approach. By the end of the session I believe she was more comfortable with the problems and equations and we were able to determine how to solve every question. She will complete the multiple choice chapter 6 review questions on her own to make sure she understands the material.

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