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SAT Tutoring in New York City, NY

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Varsity Tutors offers SAT tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. We'll help you master the SAT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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The talented SAT tutors are nearby and highly prepared to assist you in your educational journey. They hail from the highest caliber of schools including MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other highly ranked institutions.



Undergraduate Degree:
Harvard University - Studies Of Women, Gender, And Sexuality



Undergraduate Degree:
Georgia Institute Of Technology - Biochemistry



Undergraduate Degree:
New York University - Economics

How we help you master: SAT


Our educational director will pinpoint learning styles, map out goals and plans to target specific areas for improvement.


Your tutor will pinpoint the areas in which you excel in SAT and the areas that require extra attention.


You will surpass your learning goals with our personalized education program.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

This was my first meeting with the student.  The meeting went well.  She has a strong grasp of Calculus and can use supplemental support.  Taking a summer course is very difficult, because it goes very quickly.  We plan on meeting once a week (Thursdays on non-test weeks and Wednesdays on test weeks).

We went through her math worksheet, discussed "polarity" with regards to certain types of molecular bonds, and finally watched a short simulation of sodium (Na) combining with chlorine (Cl). We discussed the atomic structure of the two elements and why the reaction would be such. We discussed why heat/fire would come out from the reaction of these two elements as they touched and made salt.

1. Discussed prioritization of school assignments with student, 2. Assisted him in compiling and defining terms for a geometry assignment, 3. Reviewed vertical, complementary and supplementary angles with him and assigned him a couple of problems for extended practice, 4. Reviewed some information and principles of the organization of the Periodic Table of Elements as a means of my helping him better manage the work associated with an earth science assignment. Finally, helped him develop a scheme for organizing the information presented on the Periodic Table. Overall, he seemed sure of his ability to successfully complete his school projects and assigned geometry problems.

Exponents have finally "clicked." We powered through homework one and parts of homework two today. I think it's fair to say we both ended the session pretty ecstatic about the way things went.

Today, we continued reviewing the various cellular pathways involved with cell growth, division, and death. He was able to review since our last session. We focused mainly on G-coupled receptors and enzyme-linked receptors. We discussed specific examples including but not limited to the RTK signaling pathway, WNT and frizzled pathways. He has another day of class and will be taking the test the upcoming Monday. He is ready!

The student wanted to meet because he felt he had enough to go over in chemistry. In this session, we worked on reaction kinetics. The student expressed slight confusion over the process of expressing some compound's rate of change in terms of another compound's. I gave him a simplified equation to help do this. We then did several problems that asked us to calculate the time needed for a given change in concentration of a particular compound. Finally, we talked a little bit about Le Chatelier's principle and the function of enzymes.

The student and I talked about sequences and series and started looking at the comparison and integral tests to determine whether or not a series converges. We went through practice problems about it and she seemed to get more confident as we went through the problems.

The student and I worked on a writing project for his English class. He had to write a short story based around a theme identified from the book they are reading in class. The student is very creative and seemed to really enjoy the assignment. Although he often struggles with reading, his writing is coherent and fluid. We spent time planning his story and I provided some pointers on sticking with the theme, as that was the focus of the assignment, but he needed very little prompting to come up with an interesting, detailed story. He did a really great job!

Infinite sums of series. We went over the students homework which requires you to know the material very well to properly finish it, and the student had a good idea of what to do for most problems. We went over power series, geometric series, alternating series, and combinations of those. We practiced using some test to see if the series is convergent or divergent.

We went over Lesson 102 in math. The student had to take a make-up test during his class period. I felt the best approach would be to teach the lesson he missed and complete it together in order to address any problems that he could have with material that was covered during the class period. We also completed physics homework related to Ohm's Law in regard to circuitry.

Today was our first session. We worked out of the student's math textbook. He is working on Chapter 2 about inequalities and graphing them in regards to work problems. We went over the problems in great detail. In addition, we begun the discussion about graphing absolute values.

During this session, I helped the student prepare for her math test that was the following day. Her teacher had given out a math packet with perimeter and area word problems, so I went through the problems with her, and she asked me any questions that she had prepared for me beforehand. I finished the session by reminding her of a few tips, namely: 1) always marking diagrams with information given in the directions, 2) going back to the given information if she feels "stuck", 3) always writing out perimeter/area formulas before plugging-in numbers, 4) never forgetting pi when multiplying/dividing circle perimeters/areas.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor help you master the SAT?

Varsity Tutors helps New York City students reach their highest potential on the SAT exam in the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choosing.

We offer intensive 4 and 6 week SAT programs in New York City, NY, as well as customized plans, to give you the "Varsity Boost" on your SAT score, significantly improving your chances of admission to your dream college.

Intensive 4 and 6 Week SAT Prep Programs in New York City, NY

Varsity Tutors provides intensive 4 and 6 week SAT prep programs in New York City, NY for college applicants seeking admission into their first-choice universities. Our SAT programs meet 3 times per week for 2 hours per day for either 4 or 6 weeks. If you are unable to attend all 6 weeks of SAT classes, you may take the shortened 4 week SAT course. We can help you achieve a great score and significantly improve your chances of acceptance into your dream school. Our New York City SAT tutors thoroughly assess your current knowledge base, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to give you the best chance of increasing your SAT score.

Your hand-picked, highly credentialed SAT tutor in New York City, NY is dedicated to ensuring that you stay on schedule and make steady progress. They will provide assignments between sessions and provide tutoring for all three subject areas of the SAT, in addition to the Essay portion of the Writing sections.

If you are seeking a more flexible program that meets less frequently, you can consider a customized program that may be a better fit with your schedule (see below).

Customized SAT Prep Programs in New York City, NY

Varsity Tutors provides fully customized SAT test prep programs in New York City, NY tailored to your needs and changing weekly schedules. Our talented private SAT tutors meet individually with you in your home, or another location most convenient for you. Sessions are scheduled around your classes, extra-curriculars, and other activities. Our Directors provide free consultations in which you’ll learn how our hand-picked, highly credentialed SAT tutors can help you achieve your SAT score goals in the most efficient way. Call us today and our Directors will discuss your goals, schedule, and individual needs to create a customized plan that reaches your best SAT score!

How does a Varsity Tutor in New York City, NY help you prepare for the SAT?

Varsity Tutors helps New York City students reach their highest potential on the SAT exam in the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choice. Our SAT tutors impart lifelong problem solving skills to tackle new questions, significantly raising your chances of improving your SAT score. Using personalized approaches, not a "one-size fits all" method, Varsity Tutors will you through the entire SAT experience: from subject knowledge prep, test-taking coaching, and test-day guidance. Our SAT tutors in New York City, NY know how to provide top-notch tutoring for all three subject matters of the SAT: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. They also provide coaching on how to tackle multiple-choice questions, free response questions (for the Mathematics sections), and the essay question.

Each of our New York City SAT tutors has scored in a top percentile on the SAT and know how to help others score just as well. Having recently prepared for and taken the SAT themselves, they are very knowledgeable about the SAT question formats and test details. Because of their experiences and superior ability to teach others, our New York City tutors can help you quickly identify areas for improvement, significantly improving SAT test scores. Our NYC SAT tutors are ready to take your SAT score to the next level – our signature “Varsity Boost”!

A time-honored high school tradition is students worrying about the SAT. The Scholastic Aptitude Test is the oldest and most famous college admission examination. Divided into three sections, Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing, the SAT is designed to measure a student’s ability to assess and analyze questions and problems. The SAT does not require a broad base of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, only needing students to be familiar with advanced vocabulary, certain mathematical concepts, and grammatical structures. Many students find the test’s focus on reasoning and analysis quite difficult, as success on the SAT requires one to know the test and apply the appropriate test-taking strategies. Private SAT tutoring can be the perfect way to introduce you to customized testing strategies, giving you the best chance to excel on the exam.

One of our brilliant SAT tutors in New York can provide you with the skills and strategies that you need to succeed on the SAT. Your personal SAT tutor can assess your strengths and weaknesses on the various portions of the test, and come up with an individualized plan to help you. One-on-one SAT tutoring with an experienced expert from Varsity Tutors allows you to learn test-taking strategies, time management skills, and the knowledge necessary to improve your scores in any section of the SAT. Studying independently can be a burden, but private SAT tutoring can give you a convenient option to improve your scores in the comfort of your own home. If you work with one of our excellent tutors, you could improve your score dramatically. Call us today to get started!

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