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Phonics Tutoring in New York City, NY

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Varsity Tutors offers Phonics tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. We'll help you learn Phonics through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Our outstanding tutors are available and excited to help you conquer Phonics. They have attended renowned programs like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other nationally recognized programs.



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Illinois State University - Special Education

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Northern Illinois University - Curriculum & Instruction



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University Of Chicago - History



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Northwestern University - Theatre/Creative Writing/Psychology Minor

How we help you master: Phonics


Our educational director will build your personal Phonics learning profile, including strengths and weaknesses.


Your tutor will evaluate your current abilities, with an eye toward places where you can improve in Phonics.


We will design a custom-made program to get you on track to meet and exceed your goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student has her biology final tomorrow, and so we went over the review questions given by her professor. This exam is covering the entire semester, so we started from the beginning of the course and went to the material covered in the recent exam (which she informed me that she received an A). The material varied from organismal classifications, evolutionary trees, the macromolecules, cell properties/structure/components, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, genetics/inheritance, and transcription/translation. Overall, she did great. She knew a lot of the material. She was a little shaky on the information at the beginning (the macromolecules) and needs more practice with Punnet squares, but overall, it looks like she can definitely do well on the final. She expressed that she didn't feel too worried.

The student and I worked through his note sheets from the circles unit, which he hadn't understood. He's wonderful at explaining the solutions after needing lots of help getting it, so I know he understands even though he can't always figure out what to do on his own or may take a while to get there. We practiced as much as possible to help him be comfortable and speedy for the test.

Today we worked on synonyms and reading comprehension problems. We discussed strategies for eliminating choices when he doesn't know the word. We also discussed strategies pertaining to the Reading Comprehension section. I timed him on a Math section. He was able to answer all the questions but one in the time limit. We went over fractions and decimals. We worked on the estimation portion aloud since you cannot write down any work on the exam. Overall he is improving and successfully applying the strategies.

Today we reviewed basic geometry concepts first. Next we did some vocabulary. Overall, he worked hard and takes correction very well.

The student and I worked through a practice English section. She did extremely well on this section. She also did well on the practice Reading section. Next week, we will work on Math.

The student reported that he had difficulty on parts of the language arts sections of the test he took. He indicated that he needs help understanding analogies. We reviewed analogies.

The student and I went over a few example problems on how to solve rational inequalities. He will continue working on algebraic concepts. We also briefly went over how to simplify root expressions.

During this session, we did an error analysis of one of the practice State tests he had taken in class. We worked through answers he got wrong and tips on how to approach similar problems in the future (finding evidence in the text, knowing when to go back and re-read paragraphs, note taking, etc.). We also worked through a long response together and discussed what a '4' essay would look like. During the error analysis, he was able to get the right answer most of the time and did not show confusion when walked through how to get to the correct answer.

We reviewed the student's final grades for the quarter which didn't reach the goals we'd hoped. However, Matthew seems very determined to make honor roll next quarter. We spent most of the rest of the session clearing out his folders and preparing for the next quarter.

Today's session with went very well. It was our second session, but she seems to already be making good progress. He was able to finish his homework from Tuesday for physics and he understood it. Today we worked on Conservation of Energy for physics and worked on graphing for his algebra class. I didn't see any scores or grades yet, it is still too soon. I will be calling his mother on Friday to see if she would like for me to send some extra practice problems for him to catch up with. No concerns.

The student and I focused primarily on Latin translations. We worked through the kinks and I answered the questions she had. We emphasized the differences in verb tenses and I introduced the 4th and 5th declension. I will email an additional help sheet about the two. She translated a prepared passage masterfully. We shall press forward!

The student's teacher is just now going to test him on Organic Chemistry so we were going over it again. Continuing with naming and drawing, which are certainly the main parts of it, but also going over the main reaction types that happen and how. He has developed a good habit of using the last five minutes to go over, in order of preference, the things that he needs to work on based on our session so he has a good sense of what he needs to study the most once I leave.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor assist you in conquering Phonics?


Is your child having trouble making connections between written words and spoken words? Can he or she not easily sound out words when reading them? Reading skills are incredibly crucial for success, so it is important that they master this critical skill before it begins to cause them unnecessary difficulties in other academic areas. Varsity Tutors offers phonics tutoring in New York that can help your child conquer his or her challenges with reading aloud!

Every one of Varsity Tutors New York City’s phonics tutors is a phonics expert and is exceptional at explaining concepts in ways that make the skill intuitive and easy to understand. Your child’s private tutor can come to your NYC home or another specified location whenever it fits into your schedule in order to make phonics tutoring as convenient as possible. He or she can analyze your child’s specific needs and skill level to create a custom lesson plan that addresses the specific aspects of phonics with which your child struggles. 

Ready to enlist the help of an expert who can work with your child one-on-one to help them become more confident and skilled in phonics? Call Varsity Tutors today to learn more about our phonics tutoring services.


Phonics is a method of teaching reading based on the relationship between letters and sounds; it is also key to developing an important, life-long skill for emerging readers. Varsity Tutors understands the significance of helping children learn how to read based on a solid foundation of the strategies needed to sound out words. We can offer your child targeted, one-on-one phonics instruction so that they can develop both a strong foundation for their reading skills and the enjoyment of reading that comes from mastering these skills.


Fluency is the ability to read text with speed, accuracy and proper expression (National Reading Panel). In order for a reader to comprehend what they read, they must be able to read fluently. Therefore, fluency is an important foundational skill that takes beginning readers to the next level in their reading abilities.

Varsity Tutors understands the significance of helping children learn how to read based on a solid foundation of fluency skills. We can offer your child targeted, one-on-one fluency instruction so that they can develop a strong foundation for their reading skills and the enjoyment of reading that comes from mastering these skills.

Why is fluency important?

Fluency is the bridge between phonics skills and reading comprehension. If a child struggles with fluency, they often stop to sound out words, read very slowly, and/or read in a monotone fashion. All of these problems make comprehension very difficult to attain, and children who struggle with fluency may not like to read because they find the process so tedious. Fluency skills are important to develop in every reader, both to attain comprehension and to make reading an enjoyable practice.


Reading comprehension is the level of understanding a person attains from reading a piece of text. There are different levels of understanding that a reader can achieve, from the most basic summary to the ability to make inferences based on the underlying principals of the text. As children develop their reading skills, strong comprehension skills become more critical. Reading comprehension is a skill that is needed to do well in all subject areas and standardized testing.

Varsity Tutors understands the significance of helping children learn how to read based on a solid foundation of comprehension skills. We can offer your child targeted, one-on-one comprehension instruction so that they can develop higher-level reading skills and the enjoyment of reading that comes from mastering these skills.

Why is comprehension important?

Comprehending a text is a basic, fundamental skill that is at the heart of why we read. Comprehension is a critical component of life; we must all read and understand signs, directions, letters, bills and other important documents. For children, comprehension is crucial to academic success in all subject areas, including math (word problems, step-by-step directions to problem solving), and on standardized tests.

If children struggle with reading comprehension, they may be unable to answer questions relating to the text they have read, have difficulty summarizing and/or have difficulty explaining ideas or pointing out important details from the texts. This often leads to frustration and a lack of motivation to read. Comprehension skills are an important skill to attain for every reader, both to provide a needed life skill and to make reading an enjoyable practice.

Varsity Tutors can help your child build a strong foundation for reading based on phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills. Contact us to learn more about our Reading tutors in New York City, NY.

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