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Experience ISEE tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. Top tutors will help your child master the ISEE through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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These ISEE tutors are exceedingly qualified to help you reach your goals. They come from such prestigious universities as MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and many other top programs.

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Undergraduate Degree:
Fairfield University - Sociology/Math

Graduate Degree:
Fairfield University - Secondary Education In Mathematics

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Undergraduate Degree:
Stony Brook University - Spanish

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Undergraduate Degree:
Columbia University - East Asian Languages And Cultures: History

Graduate Degree:
Columbia University - Graduate School Of Arts And Sciences

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

First we reviewed vocabulary using the "word hockey" game I came up with to have him match definitions with word cards. He also did a set that was word parts (prefix/suffix/roots). Then we covered the chapter reviewing sentence completion and strategies for that. There were many questions where he didn't know the vocabulary and I wrote those down for future review. Lastly, we reviewed some basic algebra techniques to prepare for the quantitative portion of the test. We will continue to focus on the vocabulary and gave him a website where he can practice vocabulary on his own.

The student illustrated his proudest moment, which was described through a creative writing exercise. Then, I tested him on some standard, age-appropriate vocabulary. Finally, the student completed several portions of a practice exam, which are to serve as an assessment for future planning.

Good session! The student and I began by going through a list of common vocabulary words and discussed their meanings. I assigned her to write sentences using the words that she does not know for next time. From here we moved on to mathematics. We practiced timed sections and she had no issues with the problems. We discussed how to check work and the most effective methods for checking quickly. From here we practiced a verbal section, which she flew through. Her only issues came from words with multiple meanings and sometimes rushing the sentence completions. Overall she's in great shape!

We continued to work on test taking strategies and did a lot of practice math reasoning questions. We also spent a large chunk of time working on fraction operations and conversions, and I left him some to do over the week. We went over an essay that he had written, and also worked on some synonym problems near the end.

This session we reviewed vocabulary words, worked with analogies and adding and subtracting mixed numbers. The student has shown that she has studied her vocabulary words, as she knows most of them, we can begin to add new words in. When completing analogies, the student asked how she could tell when she is correct or incorrect, we discussed looking at analogies with various relationships in mind, using sentences to help answer them, and being sure that word tense and form matched. Finally we worked with mixed numbers. I used models to demonstrate how adding or subtracting mixed numbers relates to concrete concepts.

Worked on Essay in-depth, along with some Math review. Talked broadly about structure and outlines, worked through an entire essay, talked about stylistic/grammar tips. Lots of new information, lots of progress!

I had a great session with the student on Thursday. I went to work with them directly after working with the her family. As always the student was enthusiastic and polite. We worked on passage comprehension for the entire session. The student grasped it very quickly and we ended up working nicely. We didn't get to finish as much as I'd like due to time constraints, but I'm confident we'll finish it next session and move on to math. The student is to write one essay from the outlining practice we had done in session and try outlining and writing an essay of her own.

We reviewed some of the troubles areas on the practice test the girls took. The girls struggle most with ratios and probability in math (specifically, quantitative reasoning). These are questions they don't have a lot of experience with, so identifying the question is the most difficult step. However, I can see their confidence grow with each problem we do.

The student completed the verbal reasoning section of her practice book during the session, the first part in test conditions in a short amount of time and she got very few wrong. We also had another look at planning essays and tried some more quantitative reasoning questions from the practice book. She is always keen and engaged and has made great progress in planning her essays over the last week. She is also starting to really grasp the types of questions that are asked in the quantitative reasoning section of the test.

This session, I tested the student on the Mathematics and the Verbal Reasoning sections, to diagnose which areas he needed the most improvement in. He scored very well on both sections. I instructed his parents on the textbook that I like to use for test preparation and told them that we would begin next session by taking the rest of the practice test.

Reviewed homework - reading comprehension and essays. Practiced exercises for Reading Comprehension. Assigned Homework. The student wrote two excellent essays. She has improved significantly! Recommended taking simulated ISEE exam this weekend.

After editing her homework and working out a few of the missed problems (most which she understood her mistake immediately), we went over Lessons 11-15 together, and I assigned the Written Practices for homework. We reviewed her vocab that was assigned last session and she knows the words! We finished out her session with a quick multiplication card game--which she won. She is incredibly bright and a pleasure to be around!

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