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Undergraduate Degree:
College Of The Holy Cross - History

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Wake Forest University - Finance

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Undergraduate Degree:
Brown University - Middle East Studies

Graduate Degree:
Hunter College - Adolescent Education Mathematics

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Undergraduate Degree:
Huazhong University Fo Science And Technology - Public Affairs Administration

Graduate Degree:
Columbia University - Public Administration

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Continued with math and algebra, finished the algebra section, math concepts, and started geometry. Covered up to p.197 of text. The student was assigned home work relevant to the topics covered today, he is continuing to work on math daily, was also assigned some varsity practice questions today.

We covered multiple percentage changes problems, how to quickly determine if one fraction is larger than another, and how to determine how many multiples of a number exist between two endpoints (inclusive).

We covered the drills I left for the student last time. Went over her wrong answers, alerted her to the sorts of mistakes she was making. We discussed manipulation of fractions and their conversion into decimals and percentages. Went over geometry in detail, particularly circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. Left her with geometry drills and a couple of reading comprehension passages.

We reviewed the practice test that the student took. We noted problems with exponents and practiced working with ridiculously large numbers, plus some geometry.

My second GMAT tutoring session with the student went well. We started our session by reviewing the assigned questions that she had trouble with in the Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency sections. She noted that she has difficulty translating some of the lengthier word problems into numbers and equations, but when she focuses on what the question is asking, she can find the correct answer. I noticed that she made some incorrect assumptions in questions involving geometry. So, for our next tutoring session, she will focus on completing the remaining geometry practice questions in the Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency sections of the review book. She will also complete a practice exam on the website.

Worked more on combinatorics questions. Advanced geometry for the exam including circle arc angles problems. The student is improving in his combinatorial thinking. Some review of D = RT problems specifically in determining rates from "3 hours per cake -> 1/3 cake per hour" might be helpful.

We spoke briefly about how to approach the test in general and the rules of the exam. Test date is confirmed for October 4th. His target score of 600. Covered integrated reasoning and did sample questions for all four question types.

Today we did introductions, and I assessed quantitative abilities. I made the introductory speech of how this component is more about analysis versus other standardized examinations. I will review previous question records and determine what to focus on next.

The student and I spent two hours covering the quantitative portion of the GMAT exam. Specifically, we reviewed a variety of questions that he had worked on during two different practice exams. The questions we looked were predominantly data sufficiency problems covering topics such as rates of change, number properties, and geometry. The student and I spent a lot of time discussing how to approach these problems, so that he could cut down on the amount of time it took to solve them. This was our first session and my sense is that he is capable of solving these problems.

Today we looked through some of the tougher reading comprehension and critical reasoning problems the test includes. The student seems to have a keen grasp on how to read through and answer these; she's not easily fooled here. We also ran through some intermediate-level math problems, and I think there has been serious improvement here.

We covered numerous problems involving the concepts of ratios, percents, fractions, probability, and number properties. The student's attitude is quite positive. His math skills are strong. I encouraged him to review the first 30 problems of each section, both data sufficiency and problem solving. I reviewed several strategies such as visualization and picking numbers.

Tonight, we reviewed several applied arithmetic concepts, such as permutations/combinations and rate/work. We also covered all of geometry and data sufficiency. The student did extremely well with geometry and could easily see how to break down complex problems into simpler problems. He will continue to practice problems from concepts that we have covered and will also work on sentence correction problems.

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