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GMAT Tutoring in New York City, NY

Customized private in-home and online tutoring

Varsity Tutors offers GMAT tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. We'll help you learn GMAT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Selected GMAT Tutors in New York City, NY

We have certified tutors near you ideally qualified to help you with GMAT. Our tutors hail from colleges like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and additional high-caliber institutions.



Undergraduate Degree:
University Of California, Berkeley - Spanish, Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduate Degree:
Nyu Stern School Of Business - Mba



Undergraduate Degree:
Vanderbilt University - Economics

Graduate Degree:
Vanderbilt University - Healthcare, Operations Management



Undergraduate Degree:
Mit Massachusetts Institute Of Technology - Chemical And Biological Engineering

How we help you master: GMAT


Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key goals are met in GMAT.


Your skills and progress will be assessed by your GMAT tutor to help shape and define your lesson plan.


We will create a unique curriculum that will help you master your objectives.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

During this session, the student and I took 2 quizzes: 1 over degrees of adverbs, and one over ordinal numbers in Latin. He did very well on both and only missed one multiple choice question on each one. Also, he received a 100% on the Roman violence essay that we submitted last time. I hope that he continues to work on his Latin lessons over the break. He needs to stay motivated!

The student and I reviewed for his test on sampling distributions, confidence intervals for one population means, and the introduction to hypothesis testing. We talked about how increasing a sample size increases the precision with which we can approximate the population mean (Law of Large Numbers). We practiced comparing x bar of various sample sizes to the population mean, and discussed when you can use a sample to approximate the mean (with restrictions when n<15, when the sample is (approximately) normally distributed when 15<n<30, and anytime when n>30). We also discussed when you use z and t tests, and practiced finding a z score based on a certain sample mean and standard deviation (either of the sample or the population).

The student had a test the next day on fungi, protists, and bacteria. He seemed to understand all concepts, but needed to study more to solidify the knowledge. I think he is more than capable of acing the exam with the proper preparation.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor assist you in conquering GMAT?

Varsity Tutors offers GMAT tutoring in New York City, NY. We’ll help you prepare for the GMAT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choice. Our GMAT tutors have scored exceptionally well on the GMAT and understand the techniques and strategies necessary to significantly improve your score. We offer intensive 4 and 6 week GMAT programs in New York City, NY, as well as customized courses, to give you the "Varsity Boost" on your GMAT score.
Planning on applying to business school? You will need to take the GMAT (the Graduate Management Admission Test) in order to submit the scores you receive as part of your applications. Seeing as your score functions as a determining factor of any admissions decision, you should try to do as well as you can on the GMAT exam. Studying for the GMAT on your own with no guidance is needlessly difficult, especially if you have been out of school for a few years. Varsity Tutors offers GMAT prep tutoring in the NYC, NY metropolitan area that can make this process much easier and streamline your studies to make sure you’re reviewing exactly what you need to know on test day.
Our New York GMAT tutoring sessions can help you study for any and all of the GMAT’s individual sections. Whether it’s the quantitative section, the verbal section, the integrated reasoning section, or the analytical writing section that causes you the most apprehension, your credentialed GMAT tutor has the skills needed to help you master the GMAT’s content. Meeting with you when and where works best in your schedule, your GMAT prep tutor can work with you closely, tracking the improvement of your skills and writing personalized lesson plans that ensure that your sessions are informative and efficient. 
Want to prep and get ahead in your GMAT studies? Give our directors a call about GMAT tutoring today and you’ll be taking the first step toward attaining success on the GMAT and admission into business school. 

Intensive 4 and 6 Week GMAT Prep Programs in New York City, NY

Varsity Tutors provides intensive 4 and 6 week GMAT prep programs for business school candidates aiming for a top score on the GMAT. Our programs meet 3 times per week for 2 hours per day for either 4 or 6 weeks. If you are unable to attend all 6 weeks, you may take the abridged 4 week course. We can help you achieve an exceptional score and significantly improve your chances of admission to top-ranked business schools. Our GMAT tutors in New York City, NY thoroughly’ assess your strengths and weaknesses, provide test-taking coaching, and equip you with the subject knowledge for total confidence.

Your hand-picked, highly credentialed Varsity Tutor is dedicated to ensuring that you stay on schedule and make steady progress towards your GMAT score goals. Your private GMAT tutor will provide assignments between sessions and expect you to prepare for sessions so that the 4 to 6 week GMAT program results significant improvements that lead to top GMAT scores. If you are seeking a more flexible program that meets less frequently, you can consider a customized program that may be a better fit with your schedule (see below).

Customized GMAT Prep Programs in New York City, NY

Varsity Tutors provides fully customized New York City GMAT prep programs tailored to your needs and varying schedules. Our talented private GMAT tutors meet individually with you in your home, or another location of your choice and sessions are scheduled to fit your busy life. We realize that many GMAT test-takers are part-time students, full-time students, or currently working full-time. Our Directors provide free consultations in which you’ll learn how our hand-picked, highly credentialed tutors can help you achieve your test goals around your busy schedule. Call us today and our Directors will discuss your goals, schedule, and specific needs, and create a customized plan that meets your timeline. Our directors will assist you in assessing previous GMAT scores, target business schools and discuss how to maximize your chance at admission into a top program.

How does Varsity Tutors help you prepare for the GMAT?

If you’ve already decided to take the GMAT, you know that preparing for an aptitude test is a large investment of time, energy, and money. It also can be a great deal of pressure, as the stakes are high, you have limited time, and you may be anxious about what to expect. Naturally, you’re eager to ensure that your test preparation efforts are as focused and effective as possible. Our New York City GMAT tutors will make sure you minimize wasted time and stay on track to achieve meaningful progress.

While you may know that preparing for the GMAT isn’t simply a matter of rote memorization and drills, that doesn’t really give you an idea of how to prepare. Simply taking GMAT practice exams may not be enough, as the test covers a wide range of skills—verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing—and you may need refreshers in certain subjects, as well as a means of identifying and addressing your weak areas. We can help.

Whether you’re looking for help with specific problems, for an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, for GMAT study strategies or insights into the material, or simply for a coach to keep you motivated, reassured, and on track, one of our experienced New York City GMAT tutors is available to help. Your GMAT tutor will direct your intensive or customized program, monitor your progress with practice exams, offer helpful feedback and test-taking tips, and provide fast, reliable answers to your questions. Our GMAT tutors in New York City, NY are able to guide you through all sections of the GMAT: Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning.

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