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Undergraduate Degree:
College Of The Holy Cross - History

Graduate Degree:
Wake Forest University - Finance

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Undergraduate Degree:
University Of Colorado - Business Administration

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Undergraduate Degree:
Carleton College - Economics

Graduate Degree:
Darden School Of Management - Mba

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I worked on the first two passages for the assessment sample reading test.  While she is a good reader, we focused on slowing down in order to recognize phonemic errors, and therefore more deeply understand the passages being read.

Worked with the student on covering topics in algebra in preparation for his upcoming placement exams for preparatory high schools. He is exceedingly smart. It was a good session, and I gave him some resources for covering some of the algebraic topics he had yet to learn. Good session.

The student and I met from 1-3pm. We began work on Geometry by first discussing her current progress and the material that she needs to make up. We started with circles, chords and arcs by reviewing all of the theorems and corollaries related to arcs and chords. We worked out a number of practice problems including revisiting the problems that she had been assigned as homework.

The student and I reviewed percentages; she has a better grasp on percentages now, but is still having difficulty with word problems that deal with discounts. We also reviewed some of the averages and ratio problems that gave her trouble yesterday; She is a little more comfortable with the concepts today, but I think we need to review this material again next week. We also did a review of exponents and she is now very comfortable with these!

The student and I worked on her pre-calculus and her biology studying. We were working with angles and geometry figures. This involved figuring out the sin and cos, sec and csc, and tan and cot of some angles. This meant understanding the period, amplitude, and shifts, as well as asymptotes when applicable in both degrees and radians. She did well and could work on memorizing some of those formulas to understand them a little better. In biology she was covering amino acids, fatty acids, saccharides and others. We worked on understanding their bonds and I suggested she make flashcards in order to memorize these for her exam tomorrow.

The student and I had a solid first session, and we were able to jump right in and improve her understanding on some of the base concepts in preparation for her quiz.  We went through the chapter that will be quizzed and clarified some of the foundational concepts that had been confusing her and making the more difficult work hard to comprehend.  I think I was able to answer a couple of her major questions about graphing periodic functions.  For the next session, we can move from the foundational concepts to applying them to graphs and the less common trigonometric functions.

Student and I were able to review several practice problems from Section 1 of the semester. These topics included probability and the binomial equation. Biological processes related to genetic masking were dealt with, including complicated systems in plants where epistasis occurs to produce various flower coloration patterns. The majority of the session was dedicated to outlining a test-taking strategy. This method makes use of the common patterns that can be deducted from the types of frequencies calculated at the onset of reading the data. Student had prepared extensively for the final exam, but acknowledged the need for further review of the text chapters. He stated that he would work through this process that evening, subsequent to our session.

We covered a math section from one of the tests in the Official Guide. The student needs to brush up on some concepts she may not have seen in a while (including functions and geometry), but she shows some decent skills. To improve, she needs to practice with the material. She needs to better understand how to use the information given and she needs to better label her work so that she's clear on what she's doing.

We reviewed the homework she had from Monday. She could successfully narrow down the answers to two, but tended to choose incorrectly from there, so we worked on how to most quickly and effectively choose between those final two. We started in on some math as well, as there are a few topics - geometry especially - with which she has requested additional help.

The student and I analyzed a case study for sales for Distribution and Management class. We read about the FedEx story, analyzed the situation carefully, and created lists of sales and distribution strengths and weaknesses within the company.

The student and I reviewed his Finance homework. Topics covered included levered and unlevered value, calculating the total value of a firm, options, and the Black-Scholes method in calculating the cost of a call/put.

We discussed the Simulation problem - Red Lion Scarves. I walked him through the problem and the difference between uniform distribution and normal distribution. Based on the problem statement we constructed the simulation model in the program with all the formulas - Rand, Norm-Inv (probability, mean, std dev) and if (logic, value if true, value if false) statements.

We also revised the lookup concepts for the New Orleans Barge simulation.

I also asked him to solve a simulation problem from his textbook for practice which we will go through tomorrow.

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