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Graduate Center At Cuny - Computational Linguistics

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We continued to cover programming material that his test was based on. We covered; compound logical statements, method signatures and return values, declaration of string and integer variables, counter variables for control of loops, string equality using String.equal() function, substring creation using String.substr() function.

After introducing ourselves to one another, we began to review a recent topic covered in the student's course: abstract classes. After briefly reviewing the concepts of class inheritance and why abstract classes and methods are useful, we dove into a few sample programs/problems that gave him a chance to put the concepts into practice. The student was able to complete both programs, with the exception of one minor error that he hadn't finished troubleshooting by the end of the session.

Today we covered binary and hexadecimal representations, recursive methods, modulo division, and worked through a Free Response Question about class inheritance, arrays, and writing new methods. I did not leave him with extra practice but I told him to make note of any issues that came up to discuss next time. No concerns to report.

We reviewed basic concepts regarding class diagrams. After this, I proposed a number of more difficult types of problems and had the student work out the diagrams. By the end of the session, I felt that she had made great progress (and she seemed to think so as well). We then began working on concepts in chapter 6 (activity / behavioral diagrams).

The student and I reviewed the first three chapters in his AP Computer Science review book. His exam starts Monday, and continues Tuesday and the following the Monday and Tuesday. I suggested he work through the practice problems this weekend. To help him think through problems, I made up some short coding questions, had him explain how he would solve the problems, then write out the solution. The goal was to get him to understand the importance of thinking through the problem before writing any code. After our session tonight, he is to review two chapters.

Covered the dot operator, pass by value and pass by reference, arrays, math and string classes, string.substring, and array indexes. I have suggested some practice exercises. I have advised the student to have another session to cover inheritance and polymorphism topics.

Today we focused on English and Reading and made a game with it to reinforce the uses of loops and if-then statements. We started the ground works for set/get methods. The student is doing well.

We worked on two of her programs that are due tomorrow. I had very little notice of the session so I was only able to glance at the programs, but we ended up working through them and finishing both programs. The student knows basic programming concepts very well but needs more experience with one of the programs, which makes sense because the class has only been going on for 2 weeks. She is going to send me her new programs when she gets them and I will assign her tasks based on those.

We spent the tutoring session discussing the student's CS assignment and I helped him figure out why some of the problems he was having were malfunctioning. Lastly I spent some time telling him what his code meant literally.

Today was my first session with the kids after break. Before the break, I had assigned them a coding project to work on. Their first deadline is this Thursday. Today in class, I had them draft a proposal of what they wanted to code, and, once approved by me, I gave them around half an hour to work on it. Afterwards, we transitioned into reviewing loops and loop structures. I had Student 1 work on more advanced topics such as conditionals and loops with conditionals.

We covered more advance queries in Microsoft Access. The student got through 1/2 of the lab on her own this time. She is doing much better with databases and queries than she was doing with Microsoft Excel. However, sometimes she gets stuck on the more advanced queries. Hopefully, she can get enough practice doing those before her quiz next week.

Today we started discussing homework 6 and went over heap behavior, as well as briefly talked about search algorithms that we will be using for the next program.

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