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Suny Binghamton - Environmental Science/Biology

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Rutgers University - Biology

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Rwj School Of Biomedical Science - Biomedical Science

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Bowling Green State University - Math Education

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today we worked on covering topics that the student had not covered in class but would be tested on the EOC exam. This included thermochemistry, property of solution, and redox reactions. Today we just looked at the concepts so that she would be able to practice some problems and we can use our sessions on Monday and Wednesday to just work problems.

During this session, the student and I reviewed several topics to be covered in his Chemistry class this week. We went over the concept of oxidation and reduction reactions and how to balance them. Lastly, we reviewed the set-up and purpose of galvanic cells as compared to electrolytic cells.

We continued to work on thermodynamics and reviewed some of the student's past materials. We worked on problems that required the ICE box approach to equilibrium change and a few other approaches to the material. We made good progress and I suggested that he begin to make a study sheet for his final.

We began with practicing more gas law homework problems that included the various forms of the ideal gas law. This was in preparation for an exam they would take at a later date. They seem to be struggling with the more intricate problems requiring multiple steps. I worked extensively with trying to give them problem solving techniques to help them determine which equations to use and to visualize the problem before committing to a strategy. Overall, progress was made but they still need help.

We covered concepts involving phase chemistry, molecular orbitals, and valence bond orbitals. We then went over problems given by the professor from the previous year's final exam.

Went over review packet for client's comprehensive chemistry exam, including atomic properties, ionic and covalent bonding, and the role of electrons. He struggled with conversions but we will review tomorrow.

We continued reviewing for the state tests for chemistry and Algebra 2. She is doing pretty well overall, and I showed her a few tips and tricks for ways to remember certain formulas and how to approach certain problems.

The students and I reviewed several topics from Chemistry for their state exam later this week. I showed them how to do the math related parts of chemistry (stoichiometry, ideal gas law, mole conversions, etc.)

This was my first session with the student. We started off by talking about what he has been doing in the class so far and what his latest lectures have been on. We then went ahead and started working on a homework assignment he had. The assignment was focused on medicine. I tried to give the student examples of drugs he might have heard about in order to answer his questions. One example was how people build up a tolerance to caffeine. After the homework assignment, I asked him what the thing he's understood least in the class so far is. He gave me the impression that he doesn't like the problem solving aspects of stoichiometry. Therefore I tried to provide him with the theoretical basis for those calculations, hoping that it would put his math problems in some kind of context. For the next session he will have a quiz shortly after and we will prepare for that specifically.

Went over material on chemical bonding ( polymers, monomers, covalent bonds) in the category organic chemistry. Going over valence electrons, and the Lewis structures of atoms.
Read through the chapter going over each section together and then completed the chapter summary after we reached the end of chapter.

My work with the student today was comprised primarily by chemistry, with a little work on ellipses equations and graphs at the conclusion of our session. The chemistry work was on the heat and thermodynamics unit she is currently working through. We covered the differences between endothermic and exothermic reactions, the properties of thermochemical equations, and important rules for working through reaction equations to find enthalpy and heat produced. As always my session with the student went very well and I look forward to our next meeting.

Tonight we continued working on Chemistry in preparation for the student's test tomorrow. We reviewed all the study topics listed by her teacher. We focused on the definitions of Acids and Bases and how to quickly identify each one. She did well but needed a little more review to help solidify the concepts. She states that she would make note cards and go over the few points she still didn't quite have solid. Overall a very good session.

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