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Accounting Tutoring in New York City, NY

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Varsity Tutors offers Accounting tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. We'll help you learn Accounting through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Our outstanding tutors are available and excited to help you conquer Accounting. They have attended renowned programs like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other leading schools.

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Our educational director will build your personal Accounting learning profile, including strengths and weaknesses.


Your tutor will quickly assess your proficiency with the material, and identify areas for improvement.


Our individualized lesson plans will assist you in realizing your educational goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We went over more SAT strategies such as back-solving and picking numbers for variables. We also worked on word problems, particularly with fractions and percents. The student did well with the percents but the fraction problems were a bit more challenging so I'll bring some more examples next time.

We worked on the student's homework assignment which involved the skills of comparing and contrasting, reading a Venn diagram and reading comprehension. We spent a lot of time slowing down and reading carefully, as well as reading a sentence and then having  him explain what it meant in his own words. We also read a book that I brought.

Met with the student for the first time Sunday night. We discussed his strengths (math and ability) and weaknesses (vocabulary, mechanics). We worked through problems in all areas of his test prep book and I was able to get an idea of what he needs to most work in. I will bring him a list of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes for next week as well as a vocabulary list. We will continue to work on math and ability as well. Its not his favorite, but he is good at math.

Worked on Spanish skills. Helped client use vocabulary list to find correct answers to fill-in-the-blank questions on the "Comunicando con Tecnologia" practice worksheet.

Student attempted two ACT Sample Writing tests today. We focused on grammar, thesis development, and developing support paragraphs.

We completed a worksheet covering acids/bases. She received a score of 86% on her midterm. I suggested some review questions from the textbook. There were no concerns.

The student had a few science topics he wanted to discuss, so we started off by reviewing how to use the Doppler equation. Then, we talked about how to calculate work done on or by a gas, and how to use the first law of thermodynamics. We did a passage about thermodynamics to practice these concepts, and this led to a review of entropy as well. We finished up by doing a practice verbal passage together.

The student wanted to study older material for this session. We primarily worked on problems for finding the overall derivative of a multivariable function, and for finding tangent vectors at a given point. The primary place that he had difficulty was in remembering to find the unit tangent vector when it was specified to do so. He has no problem completing the formulas, it's simply a matter of remembering to do them. He also has some difficulty with some of the more complex derivatives, which is completely understandable. There were some nuances to the methods that I was able to show him, but other than that he seemed to understand everything very well.

The student and I started our session by reviewing her homework, which she did a good job on. The few errors made involved multiplication. I asked if she had reviewed her multiplication tables as assigned and she hadn't. I decided to give her a little break from integers/multiplication by looking at the Pythagorean theorem. She said that they hadn't gotten to it in school yet, so we went over the formula and then practiced solving for one side with a worksheet. Finally, I drilled her on her times tables so she could practice.

The student and I worked mainly on adding and subtracting rational expressions this afternoon. For the most part, she understood how to find and apply algebraic least common denominators, primarily only needing a few arithmetic corrections as we went along. After completing the assignment, we worked ahead, studying how to simplify compound fractions by division and how to solve rational equations.

We went over the student's work involving translations, rotations, and reflections. Since the student had already done her recent homework, we worked ahead in the chapter. We did multiple practice problems from the book and reviewed matrix addition and multiplication. Overall, the student seemed to understand the material very well.

We continued our work on the SAT, also using a new prep book to see if the student could see any differences from her other one. We continued to review questions that she missed on practice tests and to work on time saving strategies.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor assist you in conquering Accounting?

Varsity Tutors offers accounting tutoring in New York City, NY. We will help you learn accounting through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choice. We have brilliant finance, accounting, business, and other experienced people available to help you ace even the most difficult accounting course.

Our brilliant tutors make sure you understand the fundamentals of accounting: cash flow statements, balance sheets, depreciation, FIFO, LIFO, and many other concepts. We can also help you prepare for the CPA exam by matching you to experienced individuals.

Does accounting just not make much sense to you? With all of those numbers and formulae to keep track of, little mistakes can quickly derail entire problems. Varsity Tutors offers personal accounting tutoring in New York. Working with one of our accounting tutors in New York City, NY or the surrounding area can make the difference between struggling in accounting and being able to handle its most difficult calculations with ease.

Varsity Tutors will match you with a New York City accounting tutor who matches your particular skill level and needs. He or she can schedule accounting tutoring sessions in your home or another location of your choice, whenever it works best in your schedule, and will tailor lesson plans to address the concepts that you most need to work on. Our tutors are not only academically successful - they are also practiced at explaining concepts in ways that make even the most complicated formulae intuitive. 

Start accounting tutoring with a tutor dedicated to your academic success today by calling Varsity Tutors New York City.

Specific areas that your tutor based in New York City, NY can cover include basic, intermediate and advanced managerial and financial accounting, international accounting, internal auditing, advanced financial statement analysis, quality of earnings analysis and other advanced topics.

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