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Multivariable Calculus Tutoring

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Varsity Tutors offers Multivariable Calculus tutoring by highly credentialed tutors. We'll help you learn Multivariable Calculus through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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We have exceptional tutors with the highest of qualifications ready to help you master Multivariable Calculus. The tutors come from top institutions such as MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and many other top programs.

How we help you master: Multivariable Calculus


Our educational director will build your personal Multivariable Calculus learning profile, including strengths and weaknesses.


Your tutor will pinpoint the areas in which you excel in Multivariable Calculus and the areas that require extra attention.


You will surpass your learning goals with our personalized education program.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Student A and I spent most of the time answering algebraic problems dealing with geometry. We used inscribed angles, Pythagorean theorem, and systems of equations to solve some of the problems. We worked on proportions, how to use the ratios to solve for unknowns, and the sum of all exterior angles. Student B was working on valence electrons while student A and I did problems from her homework, and redid some problems from her previous exam.

Today the student and I worked on math word problems which related to algebraic equations. He asked about pulling the equations out of word problems, so we worked on that and finished our session with reading. We will continue to work on upper level math and reading in the future as he practices the verbal sections independently.

During this session we went through problems in the buffers and titration homework that we had not yet completed from the previous week. We discussed this topic keeping in mind the upcoming exam and mainly went over concepts. Mora intends to read through the chapters on her own to get a better understanding of acids and bases.

Tonight's lesson was focused on a reading passage and questions that he needed to complete for classwork. We have a few lessons planned to prepare for his final. He is working hard and realizes that he has work to do in preparation for his final.

Tutor covered the questions that students had trouble understanding from Test 3 of the test. Student was able to grasp concepts after explanation. Tutor also went over test taking strategies so to better prepare student for the time constraints.

The student and I reviewed the concepts, question types and test taking strategies for the questions in the critical reading and writing sections of the test. We then covered practice questions. I encouraged him to do practice questions on his own before our next session.

Today we went over exams from previous years covering the entirety of the Fundamentals of Chemistry course from the state university. Instead of covering problems the student had trouble with, we began from the beginning and attempted to cover as much as possible. Student had previously been instructed to attempt these tests on his own, but they were not attempted before our session.

I helped the student to write his application essays for a graduate business program. I asked him questions that helped him finish outlining the essays that he wanted to write, in addition to polishing his grammar and vocabulary use.

The student had many specific questions on the general chemistry and biology material, which we addressed. I emphasized the role of bullet points, concise notes, and diagrams in her content review. We worked through many problems on content as well as MCAT style questions to see the difference between the textbook material and what the MCAT expects. I advised her to memorize some things such as common strong acids and bases, particular equations in chemistry, and the prefixes for units. We went over logarithmic and exponential form. We worked out a study plan for the coming week. She has built a strong foundation so I advised her to dive into organic chemistry.

We started a new section on molecular bonds and bond angles today. We went through the chapter addressing tables and charts that needed to be learned and memorized. From there, the student filled out two tables of compounds detailing molecular characteristics such as the Lewis structures. I assigned reading and problems for review and went over book keeping skills some more.

The final exam was that day as well as a presentation about Nicaragua. I went with him over the slides he had prepared for the presentation and corrected the grammar I also helped him prepare index cards with concise information to present in class. He also completed all of the online homework.

The student and I discussed his law school aspirations, we talked about his LSAT goals and the reality of achieving the score he wants. We then worked through a logic games sections, I corrected him where necessary. We spent the rest of the session working through logical reasoning questions. We are set to meet up again this evening. Our regular schedule will be established at tonight's session.

How can a Multivariable Calculus tutor from Varsity Tutors help you master Multivariable Calculus?

Multivariable calculus is a challenging branch of mathematics that is based in deriving and integrating functions that involve more than one variable. It can be a tremendously useful problem-solving tool in a wide variety of subjects ranging from theoretical physics to real-world engineering problems; even so, many students find this course to be a difficult step to take in their mathematics education. Many encounter problems that arise from an incomplete or incorrect understanding of concepts taught in previous calculus and algebra courses, while others may be stopped in their tracks by the various complex theorems one must master in order to apply the fundamental theorem of calculus to situations involving multiple variables. If you’re apprehensive about your multivariable calculus class, would like expert help in mastering course content, or need some guidance about what to focus on as you prepare for a midterm or final exam, you may find that your study aid options are scarce. You may also find that the options you do encounter don’t suit your needs—class-based review can skim over the material you find confusing to focus on topics you already understand, and written resources are completely impersonal. Varsity Tutors’ multivariable calculus tutoring avoids these pitfalls to bring custom-tailored instruction to students all across the country.

Varsity Tutors’ multivariable calculus tutoring is distinguished by its level of customization. We understand that every student is a unique learner with different strengths, weaknesses, and academic concerns. We provide tutoring that is equally individualized in order to make it as efficient as possible, allowing your instructor to help you learn the content and bolster the skills you most need to work on. We begin to customize your tutoring from the moment you contact one of our educational directors. While all of our multivariable calculus tutors are content experts and superb instructors, our directors can take your specific academic situation into account when selecting the tutor whose skill set best prepares them to help you. Your tutor can then help you to identify gaps or weak spots in your understanding of multivariable calculus, and can design a learning plan to work on just these concepts in order to shore up your knowledge and skills. All of our tutoring is one-on-one, so you and your instructor can spend as much time on a concept as it takes for you to fully master it. Completely understand partial derivatives, but have a hard time with multiple integration? No problem! Your lesson plans can be adjusted on the fly to allow you and your tutor to focus attention on the concepts that most concern you, and when preparing for an exam, your tutor can help you review and pinpoint exactly where focusing your studies can do you the most good. 

Multivariable calculus is a crucial skill for students in quantitative fields and can unlock new realms of possibility in research and in future classes. Don’t settle for getting anything less than complete understanding out of your multivariable calculus class—contact Varsity Tutors’ educational directors today for more information about the multivariable calculus tutoring options available near you or to start working with one of our superb personal instructors!