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Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement. We help students achieve their full academic potential by connecting them with brilliant tutors who understand how to transfer the exact practical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve superior academic performance. Tutors teach the right material, not just more material. Tutoring is highly individualized and based upon the needs of each student, and focus is given to classroom material and the reinforcement of fundamental concepts.

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These selected Las Vegas, NV tutors know what it's like to be in school and understand exactly what is needed in order to be successful. Through one-on-one tutoring, relationships are formed that greatly enhance students' enjoyment of the sessions and the benefit that they receive from them.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I reviewed a homework assignment he had. We spent the rest of the session working on similar types of problems, before branching into other past and future topics. We practiced various tricks with decimals and percentages to arrive at the correct answers much faster, as well as some basic algebra.

Continued from previous class, keep repeating the same words. Numbers 1-10 and all color words. We played a car race game while trying to let the student use all the related words like: car, run, ready, set, go, fast, slow, ''I win!'', stop, go and color words. We also decorated a robot paper figure based on the student's body size and practiced all body parts words. The student was able to practice related words. Basic greetings and courtesy words(hello, how are you, I'm fine. good bye, thank you, you are welcome.), objects and nouns(ball, balloon, egg, baby, mom, dad, carrot etc.), body parts(hand, head, eyes, nose, ear, mouth, face, arm, feet, leg). Adjectives : big and small and tall. Verbs: jump, shake, cut. We sang a song that's about numbers. another song about colors. another song about basic greetings and asking a person's name. and another song about body parts, another song about ''I love you, you love me'' in Mandarin.

The student did fabulously today. She finished all pages of her homework and efficiently. She was even able to explain to me how to borrow from mixed numbers and seemed to understand the process clearly. She was excited to learn, and wanted to finish the session by reading a book.

Concepts covered included exponential growth and decay, and the compound interest formula. The student's attitude was positive toward the material that was reviewed. I informed student of reading strategy to reread and underline any important information needed for the problem. The student was left to work on review problems. Great session, and the student was proficient by the end of the session.

Went over practice that I brought on functions and relations. They both completed the practice easily and seem to understand the concept very well so far. Since they have a grasp on this, next time we will work on preparing for the end of the year test.

Today we briefly reviewed group factoring of a polynomial, then completed the homework assignment practicing the same. Next, we covered the following lesson on factoring trinomials. We went through examples for direct factoring, setting up the group factoring method, factoring by substitution and factoring by trial and error. We then completed the homework assignment connected to this section. The student struggled at first, but after working through a few problems he got the process down and excelled at using the trial and error method.

For this lesson, the student and I first worked through his trigonometry homework and he seems to understand how to do these problems really well. For the last part, we reviewed for his pre-calculus test that is on rational functions and approaches for the different kinds of questions he might see.

In this session, the student and I constructed polygons using construction paper. We made square and triangular pyramids, square and triangular prisms and calculated both volume and surface area for the solids.

This was the return from break session, and the student has a big test coming up on Friday. We covered all of the areas that she will be tested on, but she needs to keep up with her daily study habits. With a good study habit, she should pull at least an 85 on this next test. Next week we will move into botany which is a dividing line in biology.

The student did research to prepare for a persuasive essay he has, about whether or not people should use plastic water bottles. We discussed spelling with the teacher and began to review a blog post for her class.

Today we covered symmetry, rotations and translations, and also midpoint formulas and distance formulas. The student was provided with a review sheet on all concepts they must know for the test. We worked through the review sheet and completed it. He is confident that he knows the material.

We worked on writing out important sight words. We also went over words with similar sounds, and differentiating between the short /e/ and short /i/ sounds, as well as "f" and "th." We read a mini book and did some fill-in the blank exercises.