ISEE Upper Level Quantitative : How to find the surface area of a prism

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : How To Find The Surface Area Of A Prism

 is a positive number. Which is the greater quantity?

(A) The surface area of a rectangular prism with length , width , and height 

(B) The surface area of a rectangular prism with length , width , and height .

Possible Answers:

(B) is greater

(A) and (B) are equal 

(A) is greater

It is impossible to determine which is greater from the information given

Correct answer:

(A) is greater


The surface area of a rectangular prism can be determined using the formula:

Using substitutions, the surface areas of the prisms can be found as follows:

The prism in (A):



Regardless of the value of ,  - that is, the first prism has the greater surface area. (A) is greater.

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