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Example Question #1 : Organization/Logic

The Rainforest 

The rainforest would be a great place to visit because it is the habitat of many different types of wildlife and plants. It rains a lot in the rainforest. However, this allows many different types of flowers and trees to grow. There are over 700 types of trees and 1,000 types of flowers that grow in the rainforest! All of these trees and flowers create a diverse habitat that is a great home for many different types of animals.

Plants are not the only things that you would see if you visited the rainforest. A lot of different types of animals can be found in the rainforest. While in the rainforest, you might see a slithering snake rapping itself around a tree branch, or a slimy frog hoping along the ground. In the tops of the trees you may also see the bright colors of many different birds flying from branch to branch. But, if you do not like bugs, you will not like the rainforest! In the rainforest, there are more bugs than any other living thing. 

If you plan to visit the rainforest one day, do not forget to pack your rain-boots and bug spray!

In the passage, what is the living thing that can be found in the rainforest that is is mentioned last in the passage? 

Possible Answers:





Correct answer:



At first, the passage starts by discussing the plants found in the rainforest. Next, the passage mentioned the different animals that can be found in the rainforest. Finally, the passage mentions that there are many bugs found in the rainforest. Bugs are the last living thing that is mentioned in the passage, so bugs is the correct answer. 

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7 Practice Tests Question of the Day Flashcards Learn by Concept
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