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Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement. We help students achieve their full academic potential by connecting them with brilliant tutors who understand how to transfer the exact practical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve superior academic performance. Tutors teach the right material, not just more material. Tutoring is highly individualized and based upon the needs of each student, and focus is given to classroom material and the reinforcement of fundamental concepts.

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These selected Indianapolis, IN tutors know what it's like to be in school and understand exactly what is needed in order to be successful. Through one-on-one tutoring, relationships are formed that greatly enhance students' enjoyment of the sessions and the benefit that they receive from them.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We went over systems of equations and solving by elimination and substitution. The student has a test tomorrow, so we worked on her comprehension of the mechanics of systems. We might plan a Sunday session to review pre-algebra concepts.

We went over the algebra and arithmetic sections I had sent her from the first session. We reviewed the best way to set up simple equations from word problems. We also reviewed rules of exponents. I have sent her geometry for next Saturday.

The student and I did what I think will be our final Math session today. This week he took the PSAT and reported back that he felt most out of his element with some of the harder grid in Math problems. Since he has done so well with SAT Math over the past month or so, I figured one more review of complex grid in problems would do him some good, but I'd like to move our focus back to the Verbal sections soon. We ran through two sections of harder Math and grid in problems. The session went pretty well. His comprehension was high. I assigned him one more Math Section for homework, then will move on to the Writing Section.

We talked about linear transformations, specifically dealing with matrix representations of transformations and how to derive them. I introduced the concept and connected it to topics we covered previously. Afterwards, we dealt with some review topics, like cross product sand finding the equation of planes.

Today we reviewed the solubility rules and used these to predict what the precipitate would be in a reaction. We also reviewed physical vs. chemical changes, hydrogen bonding, chromatography, and hydrated vs. anhydrous salts. The student has an exam on all 5 of the labs he has done so far, and we went through all steps of the procedure to ensure he understands why each step is important.

Last night in tutoring, the student and I worked on her mitosis book! We reviewed mitosis even more, with her drawing and writing everything independently. She struggled most with doubting herself! She sometimes would say she was bad at drawing, but she was actually very good! Also, she struggled a bit with pacing. She likes to take her time, but this can result in stress because of the amount of assignments and work her classes demand. Her attitude was good! It was a Friday afternoon but we were positive and happy. I left her to finish the cover of the book. I told her to keep on color coordinating things because it will help her remember certain concepts come test time.

Today we covered English and Reading. The student and I made it through a majority of the problems and he improved significantly applying a new test taking technique that I will continue to work with him on. He sometimes struggles with choosing between the best answer and understanding what the call of the question is asking for. As I explain to him why his wrong answers are not correct, he instantly recognizes his mistake. I have left him with extra practice with each lesson. My hopes are that this method will not only allow him to master the exam but increase the speed in which he takes the exam. Time has been an issue in the past and I am confident that this method will continue to work in his favor.

Today we discussed the Great Depression and the New Deal for the student's upcoming US History course. We discussed the causes of the Great Depression, the effects on the economy of the US and how the New Deal sought to address these problems.

The student was working on an integrated project that would span several of her classes, dealing with the topics of power and corruption due to power. We looked for the best way to incorporate physical power into this, including the topics of World War I and Macbeth, which were the subject of her other classes. I suggested working with the power of a steam engine, which has ties into both industrialization (which helped foment the circumstances for World War I and affected its outcome) and has allowed corrupt individuals to maintain political/social power. It also touched on climate concerns. She seemed to take to some of the ideas, and she will be responsible for pulling them all together.

Went over genetic inheritance and pedigrees in order to prep for a test. Knew the material very well and just went over certain topics and suggested different shortcuts in order to solve problems. The student will do very well on her test tomorrow!

I had a great session with the student today! We reviewed her homework, talked over the essay portion of the test, and worked on some Science passages together. She's doing very well with tutoring! Our plan is to meet on Thursday and again on Saturday. She will take the February test, and we will decide if she would like more sessions once she receives her scores.

Today, we started the topic of quadratic equations, specifically how to graph them and an introduction of one of four ways to solve them (graphing, factoring, quadratic equations, and completing the square). The student did very well today, and she did well when looking at graphing transitions from the parent function.