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Example Question #1 : Synonyms: Adjectives Describing Complexity, Power, And Importance

Select the answer choice that is closest in meaning to the word in capital letters.


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Correct answer:



"Innocuous" is an adjective meaning innocent and harmless. For example: "The innocuous bull snake is often mistaken for the deadly rattlesnake."

"Invariably" is an adverb meaning always.

"Conglomerate" is a noun meaning distinct items that can be put together make a whole with distinct parts. A space station might be an example of a conglomerate.

"Vaccine" is a noun meaning a substance that makes the antibodies which inoculates a person against disease.

"Indicate" is a verb which means to point out or to show.

"Harmless" is an adjective which means innocent and inoffensive. Harmless has the most similar meaning to "innocuous."

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