High School Math : Using Scatter Plots

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Using Scatter Plots

Based on the scatter plot below, is there a correlation between the  and  variables? If so, describe the correlation.


Possible Answers:

Yes; positive linear relationship

Yes; negative exponential relationship

No; there is no correlation

Yes; negative linear relationship

Correct answer:

Yes; negative linear relationship


The data points follow an overall linear trend, as opposed to being randomly distributed. Though there are a few outliers, there is a general relationship between the two variables.

A line could accurately predict the trend of the data points, suggesting there is a linear correlation. Since the y-values decrease as the x-values increase, the correlation must be negative. We can see that a line connecting the upper-most and lower-most points would have a negative slope.

An exponential relationship would be curved, rather than straight.

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