High School Math : Finding Derivative at a Point

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Finding Derivatives

Find  if the function  is given by

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Correct answer:


To find the derivative at , we first take the derivative of . By the derivative rule for logarithms,

Plugging in , we get

Example Question #1 : Finding Derivative At A Point

Find the derivative of the following function at the point .

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Correct answer:


Use the power rule on each term of the polynomial to get the derivative,

Now we plug in

Example Question #2 : Finding Derivatives

Let . What is ?

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Correct answer:


We need to find the first derivative of f(x). This will require us to apply both the Product and Chain Rules. When we apply the Product Rule, we obtain:

In order to find the derivative of , we will need to employ the Chain Rule.


 We can factor out a 2x to make this a little nicer to look at.

Now we must evaluate the derivative when x = .

The answer is .



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