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Example Question #1 : Types Of Lipids

Which of the following molecule is a type of terpene?

Possible Answers:

 because it is derived from a pentene

 because it is derived from a pentene

 because it is derived from an isoprene

 because it is derived from an isoprene

Correct answer:

 because it is derived from an isoprene


Terpenes are special classes of lipids that are derived from isoprene units. An isoprene unit’s molecular formula is ; therefore, terpenes must contain a molecular formula that is derived from a empirical formula.

The molecular formula consists of seven isoprene units ( = ); therefore,  is a type of terpene.

Pentene is an alkene with the molecular formula .  () is derived from pentene units; however, terpenes do not have pentene units.

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