GED Social Studies : Authoritarianism

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Example Questions

Example Question #3 : Types Of Government

In a totalitarian government __________

Possible Answers:

no one man can ever wield absolute power due to a series of checks and balances on the Executive.

the people elect representatives to a legislative body.

power is heavily decentralized to a series of local governments.

the political authority wields absolute and unchallenged power.

political authority rests in the hands of a theocratic oligarchy.

Correct answer:

the political authority wields absolute and unchallenged power.


A totalitarian government, also called an autocracy, is defined by an extremely centralized government in which one person, or one group, wields complete and unchallenged control over the rest of the state. Totalitarian governments are increasingly uncommon around the world, but certainly far from nonexistent.

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