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Example Question #1 : Other Coordinate Geometry

Axes 1

Above is the graph of the equation .

Which of the following is the graph of the inequality  ?

Possible Answers:

Axes 1

Axes 1

Axes 1

Axes 1

Correct answer:

Axes 1


The inequality symbol of the statement 

allows for the two quantities to be equal, so the line of the equation

must be part of the graph of the inequality. Therefore, we must select one of the choices with a solid line. Of the two such choices, we can determine which one to select by choosing a test point on one side of the line and substituting the coordinates in the inequality.

The easiest point to select is the origin, or .  Set  in the inequality:

This is false, so we want the choice that does not include the point . The correct choice is the graph:

Axes 1


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