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9th grade student need tuitoring in algebra
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
Im in need of a math tutor to help me study for my military test. I am available anytime.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
Hello, I am about to be 30 and never really learned basic math skills. I'm looking for someone who can show me basic math as a refresher and then focus on multiplication and division. Getting my GED is my main goal.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need tutoring services for my seven year old son. He is in first grade and his grade average has been dropping from A to B. I think it is because he is very distracted and he needs the help of private tutoring.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need help with a financial math class. I have a big assignment to complete, and I'm really struggling with it. I am available any day for tutoring after 11:30 am.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
My 4th grade daughter needs help with understanding math concepts.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need one-on-one tutoring for my algebra 1 class.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am an academic counselor and I need one tutor to help two students study for the Algebra STAAR EOC exam, they are having trouble passing the exam.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am looking for a tutor for my 15 year old nephew. He just moved to a new school and is having a challenge adapting on of his teacher's teaching styles. He needs help in Algebra.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I have always struggled with math. I am a working professional and am looking to go back to school to get my interior design degree. Before I enroll, I would like to reacquaint myself with algebra.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need tutoring for my AP Calculus class. I am available between 12:00 am- 1:00 pm or after 5:00 pm.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I live downtown and am taking a statistical methods class, I need help completing my homework assignments.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need a Statistics 2301 tutor for my business statistics class.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need a tutor in biology for my daughter who is a freshman in High School, she is in the International Baccalaureate Program.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am adult and I'm interested in learning French. Afternoons work best for me to meet with a tutor.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am mainly in need of Spanish enrichment to help we with creative writing and poetry in Spanish.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I want a Latin tutor for my 6th grader.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I need a tutor to help me with the GMAT Math portion. I need to score in the mid 500's. The quantitative section is the hardest for me. I need help with content and test prep strategies.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am currently in the process of preparing for college and it seems like all my credentials are exceptional except for my ACT score. I feel like it is weighing me down as a candidate for the schools I want to go to. I am looking to improve in every section of the ACT.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am taking the GRE, and I need help with all the subjects covered on the test. I am available any time during the day.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
My daughter needs ISEE preparation as she prepares to apply for high school. She is available for tutoring in the afternoons, after school.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I want to raise my LSAT score. I need the most help with Logic Games, but I would also like to work on Logical Reasoning.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
Would like to learn French for business.
- Tutoring job near Plano, TX
I need help with exit level Math and Science for the STAAR test.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I'm an SMU student who needs a tutor urgently. Call me as soon as possible
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am seeking tutoring not for myself, but for a coworker who is Asian and needs help learning to better communicate in English, both written and spoken. Please contact me if you might be able to assist. Thank you.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am looking for tutoring for my 13 year old son. He will be taking the SSAT in March.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
I am currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Baylor. I am struggling with the financial accounting elements of the EMBA program. I am looking for someone who is patient with older students with little to no course experience in accounting.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
Daughter needs help with math Starr review test. It's more about building her confidence with math tricks to help her remember math techniques.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
My son failed both math and reading section of the STAAR test. He also has a speech problem so he needs more tutoring in reading.
- Tutoring job near Dallas, TX
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Erin O'Brien

"Tutoring with Varsity is an absolute pleasure. The directors are so friendly, and they do an excellent job matching tutors with students. I love watching my students get excited about learning and seeing them grow more confident with every session. Being able to create my own work schedule is nice too, and the hours are so flexible."

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Omar Jawaid

"Varsity Tutors is an outstanding organization that really stands behind its tutors. They have a sophisticated support system that works with you in finding the best clients throughout the year. The students are motivated, intelligent, and driven and I feel that Varsity Tutors is instrumental in selecting these types of clients to match with like-minded tutors."

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Justine Lee

"Varsity Tutors is a great company to work for. Aside from the fact that compensation is at one of the highest rates in the industry, they're patient, understanding, and flexible with my fluctuating schedule."

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Harrison Gross

"I like working for Varsity Tutors because I am fully in control of my working schedule. Since Varsity Tutors has such a strong and reliable brand there are always plenty of working opportunities. Also, Varsity Tutors will never require you to tutor a student unless you decide first that the opportunity is a good fit."

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Dean Koci

"I have worked with more than a few tutoring companies and Varsity Tutors is by far my favorite. They have the best pay, great software, and are continually keeping me busy with wonderful clients. I love letting them do all of the billing and marketing so I can focus on the fun part. Thanks, Varsity Tutors!"

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