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Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement. We help students achieve their full academic potential by connecting them with brilliant tutors who understand how to transfer the exact practical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve superior academic performance. Tutors teach the right material, not just more material. Tutoring is highly individualized and based upon the needs of each student, and focus is given to classroom material and the reinforcement of fundamental concepts.

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These selected Chicago, IL tutors know what it's like to be in school and understand exactly what is needed in order to be successful. Through one-on-one tutoring, relationships are formed that greatly enhance students' enjoyment of the sessions and the benefit that they receive from them.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The students worked through a number of critical reading sections. As a change of pace, we introduced some ACT questions into the mix, which they performed markedly better on. It's possible that the questions on the ACT are less culturally biased, and therefore more intuitive to participants to whom English is a second language. We will continue to work with SAT and ACT questions in the next session to see if the difference continues.

We worked on his upcoming science ecosystem project, reviewed for this week's math test, and previewed the vocab lesson. The vocab words were very new to the student, so he has some studying to do for the quiz. We made note of words that need to be studied for both definition and spelling.

The student was also really excited about her book fair books so we started out by reading those. Her reading was good. Besides having her read, I also had her identify words in readings I did. The last thing we did was read a book I brought and then talked about it together for reading comprehension as the story was a little complex. She did well with all the activities.

Today we devoted our session to making up classwork that the student had been assigned. We first spent some time looking at the country of Honduras and discussing some interesting facts about the country. Then we moved onto a more in depth look at a couple notable Hondurans and wrote about their lives and contributions to society. These activities gave us an excellent opportunity to practice our conversation skills, and I was very pleased with her ability to maintain conversation in Spanish for extended periods of time.

The student and I worked ahead in his biology lessons. We are able to get a good amount of work done in one session, which I think is very helpful for him. He is able to do a lot of the work independently, which shows me that he has grown a lot in both his researching skills and his writing. The unit we are working through right now is also more accessible, which helps us to work through it quickly. We still encounter the occasional issue with the textbook or the assignments themselves, but I am learning what to look out for and how to figure out what it is they are really asking.

We covered addition and subtraction of fractions, as well as multiplication of decimals. The student sometimes gets confused about the specific steps required to perform a task. He is positive and quick to learn. I left him with extra practice problems. He learns quickly and is enthusiastic about his studies.

The student and I finished his proposal for his English paper. He showed impressive analytical thinking in finishing out his ideas. A large portion of the assignment is collecting sources to quote to give credence to his ideas. So today, we went online and found appropriate sources, and went over how to cite them. I believe having to take this English class will be a blessing in disguise for him, as it's already forcing him to develop strong thinking habits as he adapts to new ideas.

On Friday the student and I covered multiple sections about differentiation, and how to find the derivative and limits. Those are topics we haven't gone through before, and I believe he will catch up faster when his teacher go over it in class next week.

The student went to work answering three correct algebra problems for each unit. During the course of the session, I guided him in algebraic concepts so he was able to solve each mathematical equation and expression. I showed him the best routes to solve each expression, and pointed out areas that he had to focus on in the steps of solving polynomials and their addition and subtraction. He was able to achieve three correct in a row for each unit during our session. I then instructed him in the use of scratch paper for mathematical ideas. He refreshed his skills for these methods and became more interested as he mastered each.

Today we went through a homework assignment of problems using the method of substitution to evaluate indefinite integrals.

The student and I covered tax burdens and the concept of firms with market power operating with positive economic profits. Though he struggled most with determining how taxation differentially affects firms with different cost structures, the material he is currently working through is quite difficult and we were eventually able to work through the misunderstanding he may have initially had. He was once again engaged in the material and I look forward to helping him review for his next exam.

We did a lot of review because it was the first session. We reviewed body parts again by playing a couple of games. We then went over the days of the week. Both students remembered a lot of vocabulary. They love learning Spanish.