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Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement. We help students achieve their full academic potential by connecting them with brilliant tutors who understand how to transfer the exact practical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve superior academic performance. Tutors teach the right material, not just more material. Tutoring is highly individualized and based upon the needs of each student, and focus is given to classroom material and the reinforcement of fundamental concepts.

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These selected Austin, TX tutors know what it's like to be in school and understand exactly what is needed in order to be successful. Through one-on-one tutoring, relationships are formed that greatly enhance students' enjoyment of the sessions and the benefit that they receive from them.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student stated he had no biology to work on because he completed his biology project early with a group. He and I then read and discussed the role and rights of women during the Industrial Revolution in Europe. He already had a basic idea of the circumstances of women during this time including their role in the home, married v. unmarried rights, and societal expectations. He outlined this part of the chapter from his World Civ textbook. I continue to encourage him to shorten his outline by only using keywords. He is great at paraphrasing what he reads however after some discussion.

We reviewed for her tests. We reviewed unity 1 from chapter 2, and studied the grammar, and vocabulary. We also worked in two school assignments that are due tomorrow. The student worked very well with the use of articles, and the preterit tense. She is most struggling with conjugations. I recommended that she practice conjugating five verbs in all the tenses daily.

We went over differential equations and created some practice problems that the student could use to study from for the calculus exam. The student seems to be combining the ideas and tools used in a derivative and an integral. She is understanding the material more and more each day.

The student has a test tomorrow, so we went over all the concepts that were going to be on it, including parallelograms, complex radicals, quadrilaterals, graphs, Pythagorean theorem, etc. She was excited that she is understanding all the material, and feels confident about her exam tomorrow. We went over a class worksheet in addition to questions that I came up with relating to her classwork. I ensured that she will reviews certain concepts tomorrow before the exam.

We began a practice test for the state assessment test at the end of the year to make sure he still understands what he has learned up until now. We went over many topics and a few test taking strategies. I can bring more practice for what he struggled with today to make sure he does well on the test!

The student was working on an ambitious slate of optics topics, including wave forms, geometric optics, and colors. There was far more information on her online course than in a typical introductory physics class, particularly on these topics. She had to deal with a lot of information, but once we started breaking it down, it tended to become much clearer to her.

We went over the student's test questions and reviewed the entire exam. I felt like we went over the material in a efficient way and he was much more confident by the end of our session. I feel that he would do well on the exam/test.

The student and I learned all about mitosis. The different stages of the cell cycle (interphase, metaphase, cytokinesis etc.). What changes happen during each stage, how to differentiate each stage under the microscope etc. We also created a study guide for the chapter.

Today we worked on her math packet. We discussed fractions and I taught her how to recognize if two fractions with different denominators are equal by cross multiplying. She did a full worksheet in under 10 minutes. Next we worked on converting measurements. She did great on that too besides a few decimal point errors. Lastly, the student and I worked on a shape worksheet finding the area, volume, and perimeter of shapes.

We annotated his Macbeth essay, worked on graphs and charts for the science fair project, did some math in preparation for the test, and did some of the science fair write-up as well. I will be interested to see how the student's grades are next week.

The student and I worked on a review for her upcoming test (surface area and volume of composites). We identified a number of questions. She had already completed a majority of the review, so we spent our time working in detail on problems that she required clarification or confirmation on.

The student earned a 95% score on her last quiz, and is exhibiting more confidence in retaining the class material. The class is currently studying a unit on travel and vacation. We worked on the vocabulary from her new chapter. Her class is taking an exam tomorrow on the new material with a substitute teacher.