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Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement. We help students achieve their full academic potential by connecting them with brilliant tutors who understand how to transfer the exact practical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve superior academic performance. Tutors teach the right material, not just more material. Tutoring is highly individualized and based upon the needs of each student, and focus is given to classroom material and the reinforcement of fundamental concepts.

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These selected Atlanta, GA tutors know what it's like to be in school and understand exactly what is needed in order to be successful. Through one-on-one tutoring, relationships are formed that greatly enhance students' enjoyment of the sessions and the benefit that they receive from them.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student finished his science unit test today. I helped him complete 3 pages of science problems on Newton's First Law, net force, and balanced and unbalanced forces. He did those successfully. We spent the last 15 minutes working on history where he needed to read a paragraph and answer questions.

We had a conversation class using the book Interacciones. Student described a picture about a street town. He was telling he saw the different business and how the people use these. Why people use the post office, the bank, the supermarket, and laundry. Then we reviewed the vocabulary of this lesson and practiced the use of some irregular verbs.

Both students recently took their finals and both did very well! The sessions with them are always excellent, as they are always very focused and well prepared. We reviewed their chapter on progressivism during the last session and we were able to clarify a few of the questions that they each had during their note taking. There is no doubt in my mind that if they keep up on their note taking and studying that they will both be able to meet their goals for this upcoming semester.

- Probability is a new concept for the student, so we started working with this today on his 4th grade math probability. - His attitude is always positive towards the material we are working on. - We figured out a way for him to strategically do his

We reviewed the student's recent study habits. They had all been going well. We brainstormed strategies of how to fit in a weekly review when time is tight and came up with some solutions. We reviewed part three from the book "Getting Things Done" and made a plan for the next few weeks. I left additional review of "Getting Things Done."

The student and I read The R Sound Box, and he remembered the words for radishes, raft, raccoon and rowboat that he didn't know last time. We used the rhyming flash cards to learn words and then write words that rhymed. He did very well on the workbook pages that dealt with categories (which item does not below), rhyming and the items that begin with certain sounds. We used his numbers book for counting, less than and greater than identification.

We reviewed mole conversions and stoichiometry for her chem quiz tomorrow. She seems confident in her understanding and demonstrated mastery over the main concepts. She sometimes second guesses herself, which can lead to minor mistakes, but when she trusts her instincts, she does really well on all the problems.

The student did not have any homework today so we read from her book "Dear Whiskers" and continued to fill in the flow chart we have been working on to help her remember the book. She had no troubles filling it out today. I also went ahead and worked with her on how to find equivalent fractions.

We worked on improving the student's egg-drop experiment project. During the session we discussed the need to reduce maximum force on the egg while reducing momentum and energy. He had an initial design, so we discussed modifications to the existing design that would help. I introduced the concept of "controlled breakage" of the container to protect the egg from breaking. His project is due Thursday, so I'm not sure if he'll have time to perfect the ideas and test. But he's planning to add better padding to the 'egg cradle', reduce the spring constant for the rubber bands, and add some crushable material below the lower base.

Today the student and I worked on some history homework she had, specifically brainstorming essay introductions for a project she is doing on early America. It was a good review of some of the work we did months ago in essay writing.

The student and I worked through a selection of questions from the online ACT resources. It is coming to the point where I think the greatest benefit will come from him working through as many tests as possible before test day.

Today we worked on the student's newest English assignment: a narrative poem. I helped him to brainstorm ideas for a topic for his poem. As he wrote the poem I asked him questions to get him thinking about details to add. I also helped him to include the poetic devices that he needed to use (rhyme, simile, metaphor, descriptive language, personification). He did very well with an assignment that was not in his comfort zone!