AP World History : Family and Kinship Prehistory to 600 BCE

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Family And Kinship Prehistory To 600 Bce

What was the relationship between kinship groups during the Paleolithic Age?

Possible Answers:

They were self-sufficient, and therefore did not come into contact with other groups.

Humans during this time faced many difficulties, so they depended heavily on each other for survival.

There is still no physical evidence of life during the Paleolithic Age.

They traveled separately, but they traded goods, members, and ideas.

Correct answer:

They traveled separately, but they traded goods, members, and ideas.


Kinship groups, because of their nomadic nature, frequently encountered other kinship groups as they moved. Interaction between groups was therefore inevitable, but not permanent. Goods, members, and ideas were exchanged for the benefit of both parties, but in the end the groups moved on, as in Paleolithic times there was not yet agriculture to allow them to stay in one place.

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