AP World History : Environmental Interactions 1900 to Present

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Environmental Interactions 1900 To Present

Modern society's use of fossil fuels is ___________.

Possible Answers:

ecologically neutral

ecologically harmful

nothing unique compared to ancient societies


limited only to specific economic niches

ecologically beneficial

Correct answer:

ecologically harmful


Fossil fuel usage in contemporary society is harmful to the environment.

Burning hundreds of millions of years worth of carbon material isn't beneficial to the environment, although it may be to the economy.

Although ancient societies had their own fuel sources, they all pale in comparison to the modern fossil fuel industry, its global supply chain, and the ways in which it facilitates modern life.

Fossil fuel usage is not specific to economic niches. Rather sustainable fuel such has solar and wind is specific to small scale niches, whereas fossil fuels are the norm.

Example Question #2 : Environmental Interactions 1900 To Present

This book, published in the 1960s, widely changed people's perspective on environmental interaction and the harmful effects pesticides can have. 

Possible Answers:

The Environmental Protection Agency 

Silent Spring

The Omnivore's Dilemma 

Environmentalism: A Guide 

Food Inc.

Correct answer:

Silent Spring


Silent Spring was published in 1962 by Rachel Carson and is directly challenged the chemical industry, specifically the use of the pesticide DDT and its effects on bird populations. Additionally, this book is widely considered to have launched the modern environmentalism movement and led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

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