ACT Math : How to find the part from the whole with fractions

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : How To Find The Part From The Whole With Fractions

On Friday night, Maria sells  of her stock of apples.  On Saturday, she sells  of the remaining apples.  What fraction of her original stock of apples does Maria have left for sale on Sunday?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


Friday:   apples sold

Saturday:  This means that  of her stock is remaining at this point. 

of her stock of apples was sold on Saturday.

By the end of Saturday,  of her stock has been sold .  If  of her stock has been sold,  remains to be sold on Sunday.

Example Question #2 : How To Find The Part From The Whole With Fractions

Michael Phelps’ workout program consists of Aerobics, Bench Presses, and Cycling.  Aerobics and Bench Presses take a total of 24 minutes, Bench Press and Cycling take a total of 40 minutes, and the entire workout takes a total of 56 minutes.  How many minutes are required for the Bench Press portion of his workout?  


Possible Answers:

32 minutes

16 minutes

8 minutes

4 minutes

40 minutes

Correct answer:

8 minutes


To find your answer, we would use substitution within a system of equations.  If (A+B) +C = 56, we can replace (A+B )= 24 to get (24) + C = 56, Thus making C = 32.  Then we can replace C with 32 in the equation      B+C = 40, thus making B + (32) = 40 to get an answer of 8.



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